Orange Mist, it’s a story in music that begins in childhood, with a piano and a violin as faithful companions.
An invitation to the imagination.

Orange Mist, it’s also a story of winds.
Winds sometimes wise, sometimes chaotic. Occasionally frightening, occasionally trembling.
That fly here, then there. And no, not there.
That give the music a thousand directions.
Shaping a way to write with a thousand influences.

But basically, it is mainly a bird story. Wild. Fierce.
A little messy.
Coming from here, there, nowhere.
From inside.
Birds of the past, present, future, often lost in the mist of creation.
Carrying on their wings messages struggling to unfold.
Who sometimes fly away, just getting ready for it, or are never able to emerge from the bowels of their creator.
Those are buried, at the bottom.
Like shameful secrets.
Timid stars.

Let’s hear them. Let’s hear us.